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Moorish Tourism Solution is The First Smart and Innovative Booking System; a gate to secure fairness in The Tourism Sector, whether you are Providers or Clients.


Moorish Tourism

Moorish Tourism Ltd is Tourism Destination Management Company providing Luxurious Holiday Packages and services to Elite Clients, from Middle East –GCC- and beyond, looking to live and enjoy an unforgettable experience away from home.

The company is not only a successful business venture story of Arabian Excellence plc (established in 2006, Switzerland) based on progressivism, but also, The Vehicle of Progress and adaptation into the 21st century by introducing a creative and innovative booking system.

Such platform is expected to revolutionized the Tourism Industry and bring beneficial response to both,
(1) The tourism provider (such as, Hotels, Apartments, Transport Company, Tourist Attractions, Restaurants…), who are always frustrated and under pressure to sell their products to Tour Operators at very low price;
(2) The clients (Direct or Indirect), who are most time misled for paying a low price, and wasted time and efforts searching for the right option.

Moorish Tourism Solution will erase such malcontentment and bring a positive flourishing response to both referred parties, making the Tourism Providers happy, as well as, the Clients.
We pride ourselves for bringing into the Tourism Sector the First Smart and Intelligent Booking Platform which will uncontestably galvanized the traditional way of making a reservation.
Whether you are a Provider or a Client, Moorish Tourism Solution is your Gate to a new era of quality and fairness, as well as, a creative and innovative approach in an Old Traditional Tired Market.